Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics



The WITP holds a semi-regular seminar series of both local and guest speakers to promote communication of research across disciplines as well as collaborations among its members. We are able to provide some financial support to members hosting guests who present seminars.

We sometimes record or provide slides of our seminar, presented here below.

Nov 3Dr. Kyle Shiells (apologies for delays at start)
Jun 6 Dr. Alex Buchel, video and slides
Mar 17 Dr. Nils Deppe (video)
Feb 17 Dr. Jose Ezquiaga (video)
Jan 28 Dr. Evan McDonough (video)
Oct 5 Dr. Seyda Ipek (video)
Nov 20 Dr. Robert Brandenberger (video; apologies for technical issues with sound on host computer/recording site)
Aug 12 Dr. Ada Chan (slides)
July 7 Dr. Cristina Bena (video)
Sept 27 Dr. Gabor Kunstatter (video)