Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics


Graduate Study Opportunities

WITP members supervise graduate students through the graduate program at the University of Manitoba Department of Physics and Astronomy. Those members whose primary appointments are at the University of Winnipeg or Brandon University take on adjunct status at the University of Manitoba for their supervisory roles.

Note that all graduate students at the University of Manitoba must be matched with a supervisor before they can be accepted into the program. Therefore, please contact potential supervisors to find out if any graduate study openings are available!

Areas of Research & Study

M.E. Alexander, J. Fiege, S. Safi-Harb, A. Shalchi
Atomic and Molecular Physics
G.C. Tabisz
Biophysics and Medical Physics
M.E. Alexander, J. Fiege, M.D. Whitmore
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
T. Chakraborty, J. Sirker, B.W. Southern, J.M. Vail, M.D. Whitmore
Gravity, Quantum Gravity, and String Theory
M.E. Carrington, A.R. Frey, T.D. Fugleberg, G. Kunstatter, D.E. Vincent, J.G. Williams
Mathematical Physics
P.D. Loly, K. Shamseddine
Quantum Computation and Information
M.E. Carrington, T.D. Fugleberg, G. Kunstatter, S. Plosker
Quantum Field Theory, Nuclear Physics, and Particle Physics
P.G. Blunden, M.E. Carrington, A.R. Frey, T.D. Fugleberg, T.A. Osborn, J.P. Svenne