Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics


List of Members

The permanent membership of the WITP consists of all the theoretical physicists on faculty at the three major universities in Manitoba, including senior scholars and some faculty outside the physics departments, as well as adjunct professors in theoretical physics. Associate members include research associates, research scholars, and postdoctoral fellows, while student members include both graduate students supervised by WITP permanent members and undergraduate summer and honours students. Due to the fluctuating nature of the associate and student membership, we do not list them here.

Permanent Members

University of Manitoba University of Winnipeg Brandon University
P.G. Blunden
J. Fiege
D. Krepski
P.D. Loly¹
C. O'Dea¹
A. Prymak
S. Safi-Harb
E. Schippers
A. Shalchi
K. Shamseddine
K. Shiells
J. Sirker
B.W. Southern¹
R. Stamps
J.P. Svenne¹
G.C. Tabisz¹
J.M. Vail¹
M.D. Whitmore¹
M.E. Alexander
A.R. Frey
G. Kunstatter¹
E. McDonough
D.W. Vincent
M.E. Carrington
T.D. Fugleberg
S. Plosker
J.G. Williams
¹ Senior Scholar/Emeritus