Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics



The WITP holds a number of activities each year, including seminars in theoretical physics and an annual Summer Student Symposium for presentation of research by our student members. The WITP is also able to provide modest financial support for its members to host scientific visitors for discussion and collaboration.

In addition, as a means of promoting theoretical physics research in Manitoba and throughout Canada, the WITP provides support on a regular basis to the Theory Canada series of conferences and the Canadian Prairie Theoretical Physics Network meetings and to national and international physics conferences held in Manitoba when the occasion arises.

Finally, the WITP plans to host public lectures by prominent theoretical physicists in order to share the value of theoretical physics with the general public. Collaboration with other organizations on these events is welcome.

Seminars & Visitors

Please see events calendar for a schedule of seminars (which include most visitors).

Summer Student Symposium

Details of symposia can be found here.

Conference Support

In 2019, the WITP is providing conference support to Theory Canada 14 held at TRIUMF and UBC (Vancouver, BC) and the plenary lecture by Prof. Cora Dvorkin at the 2019 CAP Congress held at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC).

WITP is also an ongoing sponsor of the DTP/WITP P. R. Wallace Thesis Prize in conjunction with CAP.