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The Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics (WITP) is the consortium of all the theoretical physicists within Manitoba and exists to support theoretical physics research in the province. It carries out this mandate by encouraging collaboration between members of the Institute and by financially supporting workshops, visiting colloquium speakers, and short- and long-term visits by research collaborators of international standing.

The WITP's Permanent Members are theoretical physicists (and allied scientists) drawn from the physics (and mathematics) departments of Brandon University, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg. The WITP is jointly funded by all three universities, and it is a joint institute of the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg.

Research at the WITP includes work in astrophysics, condensed matter physics, cosmology, gravity, mathematical physics, particle physics, quantum computation, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, and string theory. The WITP aims to encourage collaboration among its members and interaction across disciplines.

Student and Associate Membership

Students and postdocs/research associates who work with WITP faculty members are eligible for WITP student or associate membership, which allows you to participate in all WITP events. To register for WITP membership, please fill out this form. If your supervisor is not a WITP member, you can still use that form to sign up to receive emails about public WITP events. If you simply want to receive emails about public WITP events, you can also email witphysics at gmail dot com with subject "newsletter."


The current Executive Committee of the WITP for 2022 is

Evan McDonough
Kyle Shiells
Past Director
Andrew Frey


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