Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics


WITP Summer Student Symposium 2021
19 Aug 2021, Online

Due to uncertainty regarding group meeting restrictions and university campus closures for the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 WITP Symposium will be held online via zoom software. We will announce zoom coordinates by email by 18 August.


We also have a poster by Andrew Urichuk available here and in our Gather Town social area. You can ask poster-related questions during the breaks our social times.

Zoom Software

We are using zoom software to host the talks. In case you're not familiar, you do not need an account to use zoom. You can download the zoom client software or mobile app here or join the meeting through your web browser here.

Gather Town

During lunch and the social hour, participants can meet and discuss online using the Gather Town platform. This is a web-based video-chat service that works on most major browsers.

Meeting Etiquette

The schedule will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions with a short break in each and a longer lunch break between. We ask that each student speaker commit to staying for at least the session when they speak and preferably for the whole meeting.

To make things go more smoothly, please keep your sound muted during talks and unmute at the end to applaud and ask questions. Please save your questions for the end of each talk.

Information for Speakers

Talks are 20 minutes in length including questions and set-up.

During your talk, we will make you a zoom meeting co-host to allow you to share your screen. In most cases, it works best for you to share just the window you use to view your presentation and then go to full-screen mode, but some people find sharing their entire screen to be necessary. We recommend you practice with someone on zoom in advance. Remember that most of the audience will be students who haven't studied your area of research!