Postdoctoral Research Associate position with the francium laser trap/spectroscopy group

If you are interested in applying, please email Gerald Gwinner and/or apply directly here.

We have an immediate opening for an outstanding postdoctoral researcher leading our francium spectroscopy program at ISAC/TRIUMF. Our ultimate goal is to perform an atomic parity violation (APV) measurement in Fr. As the heaviest alkali, it provides an 18x larger effect than Cs, at the cost of having no stable isotope. We have established a francium laser trapping facility and have started our investigations of the highly forbidden 7s-8s transition. Recently we observed the exceedingly faint magnetic dipole component, 13 orders of magnitude weaker than allowed atomic transitions. We are now ready to push towards detection of the APV signal within the next few years. More details can be found in and The team typically consists of 2 or 3 graduate students and one postdoc (this position), who generally work on all aspects, such as radioactive ion beams, atom trapping, optical power buildup cavities, fast magnetic field switching, data acquisition, and data analysis. For more physics info contact Gerald Gwinner at


  • Any or all aspects of the francium experiments at TRIUMF.
  • Leading day-to-day activities at the francium trap facility.
  • Optimizing atomic physics techniques for laser trapping and cooling and spin-polarization.
  • Simulation, DAQ optimization, analysis, and interpretation of measurements

Knowledge and skills: Problem solving skills based on physics principles for precision measurements. Application of atomic and nuclear experimental techniques (as in the Responsibilities). Oral and written communications. Prior experience with neutral atom traps and associated laser systems is highly desirable. In addition, experience working at radioactive beam facilities or in high precision laser spectroscopy will be considered an asset.