Atomic parity non-conservation in laser-trapped francium. In francium, the heaviest alkali atom, the APNC effect is almost 20x larger than in Cs. Fr has no stable isotope, and to get a sufficiently large sample, the FrPNC collaboration plans to laser-trap and cool Fr on-line at the ISAC radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF. [More...]

The TITAN ion trap facility for radioactive ions at TRIUMF. This new ion trap facility will measure masses of short-lived isotopes produced by the ISAC radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF for studies in astrophysics and the electroweak interaction. We are designing a cooler ion trap to pre-cool the highly charged ions. [More...]

Search for violation of Lorentz invariance (1999-2014). This experiment at the TSR heavy-ion storage ring at the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics is the most sensitive test of relativistic time dilation. Essentially, we have realized a two-velocity ion clock using Li+ ions stored at 3% and 6.4% of the speed of light. [More...]

Other activities that we have been involved in are electron-ion recombination and the negative positronium ion (e+e-e-) (see Physics News Update and PNU Story of the Year 2006 page). The group is based at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we build the TITAN cooler trap and a laser trapping setup for preparatory work towards Fr PNC.