Winnipeg Institute
for Theoretical Physics


WITP Summer Student Symposium 2022
17 Aug 2022, UWinnipeg & Online


All times are Central Daylight Time. Format is zoom or UW (in-person). Click the titles for abstracts and slides where available.

Time Speaker Format Title
9:20UW Welcome and Instructions
9:28Rodrigo Alves PimentaUW Free fermionic and parafermionic quantum spin chains
9:45Neil DoerksenUW The Neutron Star Merger: GW170817
10:02Guillaume PayeurUW Completely Dark Dark Matter & the de Sitter Swampland Conjecture
10:19Hermie MonterdeZoom State transfer on weighted graphs with twin vertices
10:36 Coffee Break
11:15Isabel SanderUW Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Powerful Cosmic Ray Accelerators
11:32Bryce FriesenUW Early Time Dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions
11:49Tom FriesenZoom
12:06Kyle MonkmanUW Entanglement in topological insulators
12:34 Lunch
13:30Jesse ElderUW Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime
13:47Kelvin AuZoom Investigating Plasma Lensing Structures by Simulating the Propagation of Radio Wavefronts
14:04Aaron RossiUW Phase Diagram of Reheating and Axion Inflation
14:21Arka ChatterjeeZoom Estimation of Spin of the Galactic Black Hole Candidate GRS 1758-258 though X-ray Spectroscopy
14:38 Snack Break
15:15Skye HeilandUW Long-term NICER Monitoring of Black Hole Low-mass X-ray Binary 4U 1755-338
15:32Naman AgarwalUW Holographic Complexity and Extra Dimensions
15:49Arghya MukherjeeZoom Fermion propagator in presence of a strong external magnetic field