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A lecture on how astronomy images are created (2016).

New! Interview in ARTpublika Magazine about astronomy image-making January 2020.

Upcoming. Talk at the Manitoba Museum Planetarium on Hubble Space Telescope images. March 7, 2020. Event from 7-9 PM.

Two Voices from Oxford Interviews:
-- Scientific Visualization
-- The Changing Science of the Universe

Podcast in Cape Town The Cosmic Savannah

Astronomy Images Website. Jayanne English's images are currently listed at Jayanne's Cosmos and Canvas Portfolio.
Image Release 2019: Giant Magnetic Ropes in Galaxy Halo.

Press Release 2019: Cannonball Pulsar.

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Research CV (short)

Teaching Info
Find out how to register for "The Art of Scienitific Visualization" (SCI 4000/PHYS 7440) at the University of Manitoba.

How to Construct Striking Astronomy Images:
Jayanne English's Visualization Website. This detailed website provides links to videos about the tension between art and science in astronomy images and specific image manipulation techniques. Additionally it links to data resources, software packages, etc.

A Selection of Image Websites:
Jayanne's Portfolio.

Hubble Heritage Project.
Classic Hubble Telescope images produced monthly.

Anglo-Australian Observatory.
David Malin uses photographic film and filters to capture what the human eye WOULD see, if the human eye were as sensitive to light as our astronomy detectors.

International/Canadian Galactic Plane Survey.
Images produced using mainly radio telescope data from the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. Image of the month.

Gemini Telescope Images.

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