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Research in the Ultrafast Microscopy and Magnetism Research Group involves using a suite of techniques to look at complicated problems from complementary perspectives. These include ultrafast optical techniques and scanning tunnelling microscopy.

Over the summer of 2017, the lab space was cleaned out and improved with a laser safety wall and dust control measures in preparation for the installation and construction of three new apparatuses: a time-resolved magneto-optical microscope, a THz spectrometer, and an ultrafast scanning tunneling microscope.

The first equipment arrived in mid-summer with the installation of the new optical table.

Heavy Lifting
In September the light source for the lab arrived. The KM Labs Y-Fi HP is an ultrafast fiber laser capable of almost 30 W of output with pulses below 200 fs in duration. This laser will be used to generate THz light pulses as well as as a direct light source for ultrafast optical magnetometry. Ultrafast Fiber Laser

At present you can see AJ's honour's thesis taking shape as he builds our first generation THz spectrometer.

A spectrometer in the making

This page will be updated as new instruments come online.

Summer 2018 Research Training

Summer 2018 will start with research training sessions involving designing laboratory equipment, fabricating equipment, and coding control software. As a prelude to this preliminary documents are available for new lab members to get started with.

Autodesk Inventor Design Introduction

3D Printing Introduction

Ansys Simulation Software Introduction

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