Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics
2013 Summer Symposium
29 Aug 2013, Allen Building Room 519, University of Manitoba


See here for campus maps, Google maps for driving directions, and Winnipeg Transit for local public transportation. If you are driving from Brandon or carpooling within Winnipeg, contact Byron Southern about parking passes by Monday, 26 Aug. General parking info is here.


The WITP is providing baked goods and coffee/tea in the morning, bag lunches, and a snack in the afternoon.


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This tentative schedule will be updated. For abstracts, click the talk title.

Time Speaker Title
9:15 Welcome
9:30 Brad Cownden Modern models of extra dimensions in string theory
9:50 Nick Reid A Dark Theory for a Light Problem
10:10 Break
10:30 Joe Smith The 4-vertex in scalar-Ψ4 theory using the 2PI effective action
10:50 Gabriel Chernitsky Searching for gamma radiation in dwarf galaxies
11:10 Break
11:20 Morgan Mercredi Cell migration in competing chemotactic environments
11:40 Jared Enns Dark Light: Exploring Dark Radiation Models
12:00 Lunch & Discussion
13:30 Nils Deppe Adaptive mesh refinement for constrained 1D hyperbolic systems
13:50 Allison Kolly Gravitational collapse in anti-de Sitter space
14:10 Break
14:30 Ben Guest A new galactic pulsar candidate revealed by the Chandra X-ray Observatory
14:50 Chelsea Braun Supernova remnants as astrophysical laboratories for the formation of the elements
15:10 Break
15:20 Angel Barria On the algebraic and topological structures of the Levi-Civita field
15:40 Darren Flynn On delta functions on the Levi-Civita field
16:00 Break
16:10 Gidon Bookatz On locally uniformly differentiable functions on the Levi-Civita field: the inverse function theorem and the intermediate function theorem
16:30 William Grafton Fourier analysis on the Levi-Civita field

Information for Speakers

Each talk is 20 minutes, including time for questions.
The audience ranges from undergraduates to professors in all fields of theoretical physics (meaning we're not all experts in your general subject area).
You should be able to bring your talk on USB key (PDF files only recommended if you're using our computer!) or use your own computer with the projector. If you have a Mac, please be sure to bring the appropriate adaptor. Be ready to hook up your computer or load your talk at the start of your alotted time!