Phys2350                                                2017 
Energy Sources: Physical Aspects


    Werner Ens

    Room 518, Allen building


    email: (Please put 2350 on the subject line.)

    Consultation: after classes or by appointment

Text: Energy Sources in the Early 21st Century, N. E. Davison (unpublished)

Other Resources:

Sustainable Energy -- without the hot air, Mackay (2008) (

Energy: Its Use and the Environment (5th edition), Hinrichs & Kleinbach (2011)

Energy and the Environment (2nd edition), Ristinen & Kraushaar (2006)

Energy and the Environment, Fay and Golomb (2002)


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Assignments: An assignment will be given approximately every 2 weeks.  An honesty declaration should be completed and handed in with each assignment.


Midterm Examination: There will be a midterm exam in March, during the normal lecture slot. The exam will consist of questions and problems similar to those found in Davison’s text. No makeup midterm exam will be given. A fair assessment will be made for certified absence in a test after the final examination has been written.


Final Examination: The final exam will be on all the material covered during the course. It will be 3 hours in length.


Course Grades:

    Assignments - 30%

    Midterm test - 20%

    Final exam - 50%


Please refer to information on academic dishonesty, course credit, and fee cancellation.