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Faculty of Science Statement on Academic Dishonesty (July 2009)

The Faculty of Science and The University of Manitoba regard acts of academic dishonesty in quizzes, tests, examinations, laboratory reports or assignments as serious offences and may assess a variety of penalties depending on the nature of the offence.

Acts of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to bringing unauthorized materials into a test or exam, copying from another individual, using answers provided by tutors, plagiarism, and examination personation.

Note: cell phones, pagers, PDAs, MP3 units or electronic translators are explicitly listed as unauthorized materials, and must not be present during tests or examinations.

Penalties that may apply, as provided for under the University of Manitoba's Student Discipline ByLaw, range from a grade of zero for the assignment or examination, failure in the course, to expulsion from the University. The Student Discipline ByLaw may be accessed at:

Suggested minimum penalties assessed by the Faculty of Science for acts of academic dishonesty are available on the Faculty of Science webpage:

All Faculty members (and their teaching assistants) have been instructed to be vigilant and report all incidents of academic dishonesty to the Head of the Department.

Complete information at

Important Note from the Dean of Science on Course Credit:

It is your responsibility to insure that you are entitled to be registered in this course.  This means that you have:

- the appropriate prerequisites, as noted in the calendar description, or have permission from the instructor to waive these prerequisites;

- not previously taken, or are concurrently registered in, this course and another that has been identified as "not to be held with" in the course description.  For example, BIOL 1000 cannot be held for credit with BIOL 1020.

The registration system may have allowed you to register in this course, but it is your responsibility to check.  If you are not entitled to be in this course, you will be withdrawn, or the course may not be used in your degree program.  There will be no fee

adjustment.  This is not appealable.  Please be sure to read the course description for this and every course in which you are registered.

Changes to Fee Cancellation Policy and Practices (effective Fall 2009)

Students are no longer cancelled for non-payment of fees. Students who fail to pay their fees will be placed on a unique Hold and will be de-registered from any courses that commence in a future term. Spanned courses will be maintained in the student's


A registered student is one who is registered in classes beyond the Registration Revision date, rather than one who has registered and paid fees. Students who have changed their mind about attending for whatever reason will be responsible for dropping classes they registered for.

Students who are on the class list, whether they have paid fees or not, may be submitting term work, and instructors can continue to mark and return this work.  Grades should be assigned and reported, including F-NPs.  Students will owe fees incurred, and will not be able to register in future courses until their outstanding fees are paid.