Images from the Astronomy Image-making Hands-On Session at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics

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These are thumbnail explorations of colour pallettes, orientations and croppings created by the attendees of visualization workshop in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Participants came from HIA, the University of Victoria and the public. A few attendees brought their own data. The demonstration used black and white jpegs of the galaxy NGC 1690 from the Virgo Cluster Survey taken with MegaCam on the Canada France Hawaii telescope. Some participants used radio and infra-red data of the Galactic W4 chimney region from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey. These were "thumbnail" size for the sake of processing speed.

HIA August 2012
ImageTeamPeople and comments.
W4 Chimney region. Jillian Scudder and Rosemary Pike.
W4 Chimney region. Andy Pon.
Bubble. Andy Pon.