Images from the Astronomy Image-making Hands-On Session at Nottingham and in Ireland 2009

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These are thumbnail explorations of colour pallettes, orientations and croppings created by the attendees of visualization workshops in the UK. Participants came from the Nottingham University & Nottingham Trent University; Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Ireland; and Armagh Observatory, Armagh Ireland. Most articipants used black and white jpegs of HST's acquisition of Hodge 301 (NGC 2070) - these were "thumbnail" size for the sake of processing speed. They are shown at the bottom of this page. Note the variety of colour renditions of the same black and white data set.

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Nottingham, England July 22, 2009

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Samantha Penny (NU)
Jonathan Twite (NU)
Paul Tognarelli (NU)
The image is of NGC 1275, the central galaxy in the Perseus Cluster (The cluster I've been studying for my PhD). I've tried to to bring out the star formation, spiral structure and dust lanes of the galaxy, whilst keeping the colours of the other cluster elliptical galaxies and foreground stars looking natural. The image highlights the unusual morphology of NGC1275, though the H alpha filaments are not as bright as I hoped for.

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Magda Pietka-Edleston (NU)
Boris Häußler (NU)

Our aim was to take this terrific galaxy and create an image that looks kind of realistic (no too artificial colors) with a nice and dark background (without loosing the faint galaxies and stars) and which higlights the big contrast between the dark, brown dust filaments and the shiny red and sparkling starforming regions. After some discussion, we also decided to rotate the image to make it more eye-friendly and plastic. This way, the dustlanes really jump at the observer.

The problem that I always have when creating color pictures of these famous objects is that you have the 'official' STScI or ESO pictures in mind and the resuluts always end up kind of similar, but I think by exceptionally highlighting the SF regions, we made it a bit distinct from those and we were quite satisfied with the results in the end.

Cork, Ireland August 2, 2009
Sarah Murphy (Blackrock Castle Obs.;
In my image I have two major features. The first being the star cluster in the bottom right hand corner and the second, the orange ball of gas. In my image I was trying to make these two features stand out and complement each other. I made the background dark in order to highlight the star cluster and ball of gas.
Armagh, Northern Ireland August 5, 2009

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Simon Jeffery (Armagh Obs.)
Jiao Yang Ding (Armagh Obs.)
Michael Connolly (Artist, Cork)
Naslim Neelamkodan
Srividya Subramanian

Original Hodge 301 Black and Whites

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