Images from the Astronomy Image-making Hands-On Session at Mount Stromlo Observatory April 2009

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These are thumbnail explorations of colour pallettes, orientations and croppings created by the attendees of the Mount Stromlo visualization workshop. Most used black and whites of HST's acquisition of Hodge 301 - these were "thumbnail" size for the sake of processing speed. Note the variety of renditions of the same data set.

ImageTeamPeople Piks and comments.
Libby Maunder
Christine Nicholls
In this image we were trying to increase the contrast between the gas and the background in order to make the gas really pop.
Tiago Pereira
Ragini Singh
We emphasized on the gas structure on the right with strong colors, in opposition to the cool blues of the star cluster on the bottom left. The gas also creates a diagonal across the frame, which we hoped would slow down the user's look, which could then be 'recaptured' again by the star cluster.
Brian Schmidt
Martin Bruehlmann
Peter Wood
Patrick Tisserand
It is not meant to be art. It is a the Magellanic Cloud intermediate-age cluster NGC1978, which contains a number of carbon stars. These are very cool and red. What I wanted to show is how red these stars are compared to other stars, especially red giants. The input images are in the near-infrared bands J, H and K which went into the colours red, green and blue. The C stars show up very well in red, the "normal" red giants are white while the fainter not-so-red red giants appear blue. Goal achieved.
George ZhouAs you mentioned I added a little white border against a black background for the negative space.The image itself was cropped for the filaments running from top-left to bottom-right and for the over-saturated cluster. (I think I did flip it as well.)

Shaila Akhter
Creating a tension on a falling jewel cluster while burning clouds are moving up diagonally giving a space to the falling cluster, for this event, the clouds are ended up with random flares... A mix of thoughts were given in this picture to make the audience ponder for a while to create a balance in the event!
Creating a tension on a falling jewel cluster from the left upper corner while burning clouds are moving up diagonally. Being perturbed by the falling cluster, a big portion of the clouds bent follow the reverse direction from where the cluster started falling...

ShailaGeneration of jewel clusters from a big whirlpool of burning clouds going diagonnaly upwards. The greenish gas surrounded are the remnants of this event! The bigger portion on the bottom created a balance in the picture whereas the jewel clusters are pulling once eyes to various directions...

Original Hodge 301 Black and Whites

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