Images from the Astronomy Image-making Hands-On Session

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These are thumbnail explorations of colour pallettes, orientations and croppings created by the attendees of the workshop. Most used black and whites of HST's acquisition of Hodge 301 - these were "thumbnail" size for the sake of processing speed. Note the variety of renditions of the same data set.

TeamPeople Piks
Keith Bannister,
Elizabeth Mahony,
Kate Randall
.... Mark Calabretta
Theresa van Vliet Wiegert
.... Chris Fluke
Rob Hollow
Kate Richards
Chris Hales
Balt Indermuehle
Emil Lenc
Angel Lopez-Sanchez
Attila Popping
Anant Tanna
Natasa Vranesevic
Tobias Westmeier

Original Hodge 301 Black and Whites

The Hubble Heritage Team Version
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