Images from the Astronomy Image-making Hands-On Session Phys 1830 Fall 2010

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These are thumbnail explorations of colour pallettes, orientations and croppings created by students in Phys 1830 Perspective on the Universe: Cosmic Sights/Sites at the University of Manitoba Fall 2010 term. The participants used black and white jpegs of HST's acquisition of the Veil Nebula from the Hubble Legacy Archive. They are shown at the bottom of this page. Note the variety of colour renditions of the same black and white data set.

Click on each icon for a bigger jpeg image.

ImageTeamPeople and comments.
Team "backrow" Donovan Fast,
Kiran Sekhon,
Jason Ulrich
? Michelle Senez
Teneal Daley
Aaron Fraser
? Blayne Gray
Zevin Bulka

In this image the goal was to assign mostly scientifically accurate colours to the various gasses (ie red/pink to hydrogen, green to oxygen, etc) while still maintaining the visual depth of the image. The image was rotated/cropped in a way such that it has a horizontal "flowing" effect.
? Frans Antonissen
Kristy Davies
Team Rachel Ellie Thiessen
Rachel Palmquist
Rachel Cherka
? Michael Strick
Chelsea Wardrope
Team Parrallactic Quzar Kla347
? Victor Khaleghi Hashemian
Hotdog Willow Bartels
Bart de Bekker
Brandon Friesen
Kayla Campbell
? Meredith Holigroski