PHYS 2386 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity
The first in a sequence of three courses on quantum mechanics, which also includes an introduction to the theory of special relativity. The topics covered include Einstein's postulates of special relativity, the Lorentz transformation, relativistic kinematics and dynamics and four-vectors, kinetic theory of gases, cavity radiation and normal modes, Planck's quantization postulate and the Schrodinger theory of quantum mechanics. Special emphasis is placed on the derivation of the time dependent and time independent Schrodinger equation and its solutions in one dimension. May not be held with the former PHYS 2380. Prerequisites: (a "C" or better in one of PHYS 1070, PHYS 1071 or PHYS 2152) or (a "C+" or better in PHYS 1030 or PHYS 1031) and (a "C" or better in one of MATH 1232, MATH 1690, MATH 1700, MATH 1701, MATH 1710, or the former MATH 1730).

[3.0 Credit hours]