PHYS 1030 - General Physics 2
(3 Credits, Lab Required)
Discover how physics is the basis of the hi-tech world we live in and how we live in it. Learn how to use simple, intuitive physics concepts that are described using little math and no calculus to understand a diversity of topics including how electricity is made, what drives the greenhouse effect, what makes a diamond sparkle, lasers, LASIC eye surgery and the workings of the human eye. This course, together with its prerequisite PHYS1020, is recommended for students seeking either a single comprehensive course in Physics, or entry into health science programs. May not be held with PHYS 1031, the former PHYS 1410, the former PHYS 1420. Prerequisite: a grade of "C" or better in one of PHYS 1020, PHYS 1021, PHYS 1050, or PHYS 1051.